MW18 Booths

  • Each MW18 Booth includes a full conference registration for one staff member from the exhibitor’s organization, as well as Welcome and Conference Reception tickets. Full registration will let you attend all sessions and receptions Thursday through Saturday.
  • Up to three MW18 Exhibit Hall-only staff are free with your booth. Exhibit Hall-only badges do not include any reception tickets, and Exhibit Hall-only staff may not attend any sessions.
  • MW18 exhibitors may purchase three additional full conference registrations at $400 each.
  • All booths include Wifi connection, carpet, 6′ table, 2 chairs, 1 power outlet (electricity 500 watts) and company’s ID sign.
  • MW18 Sponsorships include a Single 8’ x 10’ booth; review our sponsorship opportunities and Sponsor MW18
(before January 1st 2018)
(before February 1st 2018)
(after Jan 31st 2018)
Single 8’ x 10’ Booth $2,500 $3,000 $3,500
Double 8’ x 20’ Booth $4,000 $4,500 $5,000
Quad 16’ x 20’ Booth (if available) $6,500 $7,000 $7,500

Register for a Booth Here  (fees due based on date full payment is received)

Presenting at the Conference

In addition to exhibiting, there are three primary opportunities for for-profit providers of products and services to the cultural sector to present at MW:

  1. Formal presentations: Exhibitors are welcome to co-author proposals with their non-profit partners and submit them during the normal call for proposals. Proposals without a non-profit co-author are less likely to be successful in the proposal review process, as the program committee typically wants to avoid presentations becoming advertorial for specific companies and products, and we have found that it usually backfires when a vendor uses a presentation in this way. Exhibitors are welcome to sponsor their non-profit partners to attend the conference and participate in accepted presentations.
  2. Special sessions (available with sponsorship): Exhibitors can program special sessions during the conference, for example lunchtime talks and workshops.  Please contact the conference co-chairs to discuss your needs and ideas for a special session.
  3. Sponsoring a Community of Practice (available with sponsorship): Communities of Practice are a new way to extend and grow the value and buzz of conversations and collaborations that start at MW conferences, through online and in-person interactions year-round. Communities of Practice include providers of innovative products and services as well as cultural heritage professionals, and create a context in which for-profit and non-profit practitioners can partner to mutual benefit. Through focused conversations, shared research and pan-institutional collaborations, communities of practice formulate, promulgate, and raise best practice in the field. Community of Practice Sponsors have the opportunity to partner with the MW community in new ways that go beyond standard advertising and promotion of products and services. The Community of Practice creates a context in which sponsors can collaborate with current and prospective clients as well as leading experts in the field on research questions, product testing, market surveys, and share learnings and case studies. One or more sponsors can support a community of practice, but a lead sponsor is required to fund the basic package of activities and benefits, including a Community Coordinator and a Community Mentor’s attendance at the annual MW conference in North America. Additional sponsors can provide funding for additional meetings, webinars, research, and collaborative projects at the conference and throughout the year as desired. Contact us for more information on how you can support this year’s Communities of Practice around Accessibility, Online Collections, and Immersive Storytelling.

MW18 Advertising In the MW18 Program

(Black and white; copy due by February 28 2018; see Guidelines for Advertisers)

  • Back Cover (color) available with sponsorship
  • Inside Cover (color) available with sponsorship
  • Full Page $1000
  • Half Page $800
  • Quarter Page $300
  • Add the MW18 PT Color +$100

MW18 Registration Packet Inserts (Supply 650 copies)

  • $250 X # of inserts

Mail the inserts to Museums and the Web Conference, c/o Jennifer Mowrey, Hilton Cleveland Downtown 100 Lakeside Avenue East Cleveland, OH 44114, USA.  Please make sure that we have the inserts by April 17th (Monday).

Reserve your advertisement here

Please contact Hiroko Kusano to make shipping arrangements.