GLAMi nomination: ACMI Games Net

nominated by: Vincent Trundle, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Australia
institution: The Australian Centre for the Moving Image
category: Education Program

Games Net is a school-based program, designed for gifted and talented students who may have an aptitude for either gaming, design, programming, coding or display leadership qualities that would enable them to pull a project together. Games Net provides students with the ability to expand on these skills, and develop team and project management skills in a supervised and supportive environment, guided by industry mentors.

Individuality, equity and social inclusion are celebrated at Games Net. Games Net aims to create an environment where individuals can enhance their capacity for study, work and relationships through increased engagement, confidence and social skills.

Games Net mirrors the real-life digital game making industry. With computational thinking at the core, the program engages students in the practical application of STEAM skills, central to the new Digital Technologies and The Arts curricula; vital elements of a dynamic innovation economy. Students will build entrepreneurial skills, engage in creative problem-solving, draw upon and build analytical, reasoning, logical and critical thinking skills to define, inform, test and refine their game making projects – in a predominately online environment.

Cross-curriculum learning arises naturally as different disciplines come together through games programming, building games content and filmmaking. The combining of science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) in this program gives students a rich experience that draws on real world, project-based experiences, encouraging students to “think big” and connect with others. By taking creative and technical risks in a safe and collaborative environment, students will build self-confidence, social competence and resilience.

Games Net encourages independent Endeavor as part of a collaborative co-creative process. As active participants in their learning, students will develop time and resource management skills, learn the responsibilities of working as part of a team and gain an appreciation of the importance of meeting shared deadlines. In responding to and assessing the work of other students involved in the project, participants will learn to communicate clearly and constructively and with empathy.