GLAMi nomination: Apprentice of Okoličné

nominated by: Michal Čudrnák, Slovak National Gallery, Slovakia
institution: Slovak National Gallery
category: Exhibition Media or Experience

For the exhibition on Gothic art, Slovak National Gallery (SNG) was looking for a way to give visitors a hands-on experience with the displayed artworks. Unfold Collective worked with us to create an interactive experience that invites visitors to practice the craft of Gothic composition.
The exhibition titled “Master of Okoličné and Gothic Art of Spiš around 1500” centred around the concept of the mysterious ‘Master’ about whom little is known besides the remarkable works from his workshop. Unfold togegher with SNG built on this concept by inviting visitors to enter the workshop of the Master and taking the role of the ‘Apprentice of Okolicne’. In a short and playful experience, visitors work actively with segments of the digitised artworks to create their own gothic composition.
View from the exhibition
Visitors creating their own composition
Intro screen of the app
Visitor choosing the foreground of his/her composition


Signing the composition with the name, submitting into gallery


Gallery of the submitted compositions


One of the compositions from the gallery