GLAMi nomination: Art Explainer, Video Series

nominated by: Kelly McHugh, Art Institute of Chicago, USA
institution: Art Institute of Chicago
category: Groundbreaking

Art Explainer videos empower you to look at and understand art from any historical period or culture. Using three artworks from the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, each short video unpacks a central theme and uses innovative visual storytelling to highlight the choices artists made to shape form and meaning in their works. Ultimately, Art Explainer videos show that each of us already possesses a powerful tool for making sense of art: that of looking closely. Designed for high school and college students as well as adults, the video series is produced for the web and usable in a wide range of learning environments, from mobile devices to formal school classrooms.

The series contains three videos: The Power to Look, Light and Shadow, and Surface and Depth.