GLAMi nomination: Catalina HoloLens Experience

nominated by: Arul Baskaran, Museum for Applied Arts and Sciences, Australia
institution: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, Australia
category: Groundbreaking

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) offer great promise in shaping museum experiences however the technology is relatively new and rapidly evolving. How might Australian museums prepare for what these technologies could offer visitors?

In 2017 the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, Australia partnered with the Australia’s leading scientific research organisation CSIRO to prototype an experience using AR technology. The goal was to investigate how AR could tell a deeper story about an iconic object in the MAAS Collection – the Catalina Frigate Bird Seaplane.

The result was a mixed reality application that uses the Microsoft HoloLens platform to combine an animated expedition map, archival photography and a realistic 3D holographic model of the seaplane to bring to life the historic story for museum visitors.