GLAMi nomination: Curio

nominated by: Emily Loughnan, Click Suite & Curio Publisher, New Zealand
institution: Te Papa Tongarewa
category: Groundbreaking

Curio is a brand new platform, designed to allow museums, galleries, and archives create their own interactive object labels.

To create an interactive you simply go online, create an account, upload a hero image, add highlights (including audio stories from your passionate curators, subject matter experts, artists, etc) and publish your interactive to a touchscreen where visitors can enjoy the experience, in gallery.

You don’t need any technical skills to make an interactive, and you can update it or change it from your desktop as often as you like.

For the first time, we put the power into the hands of the museum staff. Take your passionate experts, create stories and share them for your visitors – without needing an external company or an inhouse digital team.

Curio is a product that has come from the innovation hub within Te Papa – the national museum of New Zealand. The hub (Mahuki) sees external teams housed within the museum for several months and innovative projects like this result.

Curio is now in use by several institutions in NZ and Australia.