GLAMi nomination: Engaging, self-guided experience for youth and families

nominated by: Nurit Gazit, The Museum of The Jewish People, Israel
institution: The Museums of The Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv
category: Museum-Wide Guide or Program


The Museum of The Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot in Tel Aviv wanted to launch a new engaging self-guided experience. The target audience was mainly independent visitors and specifically younger audiences who are harder to attract. The museum had just been through a significant renovation and re-opened its signature synagogue gallery Hallelujah! Assemble, Pray, Study – Synagogues Past and Present, displaying synagogue models and related artifacts. That was the starting point of the solution, which then became a scalable and sustainable museum-wide solution.



The Museum of The Jewish People joined forces with Israeli startup Museloop to create an interactive game-based tour guide for independent visitors and groups. When families, teenagers and youngsters arrive at the museums, they’re prompted to download the fun interactive tour-guide app BH Challenge which is free and very quick to download.

The app takes the visitors through the galleries using a series of games, riddles and interactions related to the physical exhibits. The app combines games with interesting content that is given in context to the games, making the learning extremely effective. The experience is very intuitive and simple and this is how it appeals to a wide range of ages. Kids and teenagers sometime play on their own, with their siblings or with their friends. We’ve seen kids play with their parents as a joint family experience, as well as kids playing on their own while parents rested or explored other exhibits.

The games are designed to draw attention to the actual exhibits and the gamification elements evoke interest and curiosity while creating a seamless learning experience.



The app was officially launched to the public in the summer of 2017 with two experiences – one dedicated to the Synagogue gallery and the other – a ‘Museum Highlight’ – takes the visitor through 5 exhibitions as well as the lobby and other points of interest and spaces. The original intention was to use it just for the Synagogue gallery, but following the great feedback we got during the pilot, we decided to increase the scale of the project. The fact that the platform we used for the experience was built to scale, made it so much easier. In August alone, the app had over 1,300 users (about 40% of relevant target market) and over half of them completed at least 5 stations. We have learnt that most of our younger users prefer a hands-on playing-while-learning experience rather than a frontal lecture or guidance. Users gave incredible reviews and feedback, see video testimonial attached.



For us, as a medium-sized museum, the main benefit of using an outside provider was that we didn’t have to make any mistakes ourselves before we got it right. Museloop has experience working with other museums so they guided us through the creation process, marketing the app to assure usage and success and finally providing us with data and analytics and insights about the usage. The process was very short and required minimal resources from us.


Link to download the app for iOS and Android

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