GLAMi nomination: For the Benefit of All the People Forever

nominated by: Caroline Guscott, The Cleveland Museum of Art, USA
institution: The Cleveland Museum of Art
category: Marketing and Promotion

With issues of tolerance and diversity so prominent in the current national conversation, the Cleveland Museum of Art felt it critical to create an integrated brand campaign that featured the museum’s founding mission to be a welcoming place for all.

The statement “for the benefit of all the people forever” was written into the 1892 deed of gift for the land on which the museum stands. Since it opened its doors in 1916, the museum has sought to bring the pleasure and meaning of art to the broadest possible audience. Today, that idea reverberates with new and poignant resonance, and for that reason, the Cleveland Museum of Art wished to reaffirm its commitment to all visitors: “you are welcome here.”

Inspired by its historic mission, the museum launched a campaign that emphasized the depth of its commitment to individual expression and the interconnectedness—and interdependency—of humankind. The showpiece of the campaign is a one minute video, “For the Benefit of All the People, Forever”, that was broadcast online via the museum’s website, social platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and in e-communications. The video was supported with other outreach methods, including print advertisements, collateral and an exterior banner program.

In today’s increasingly fractured society, our mandate—to serve “all the people”—resonates more loudly and widely than ever before.