GLAMi nomination: Iconic design and intuitive use are intertwined in the new Stedelijk website

nominated by: Jim Driesen, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands
institution: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
category: Marketing and Promotion


The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is an internationally renowned institute for modern & contemporary art and design. The museum has a reputation as an unapologetic innovator. From the invention of the White Cube concept, in which the walls of the museum are kept a neutral white to focus attention on the art, the Stedelijk Museum has ushered in the modern era for displaying iconic and progressive art.


Target Audience

Besides showing art, the museum is also a renowned research institute. This means our target audience consists of connaisseurs as well as first-time visitors and everything in between. The museum is an outspoken pioneer in the field of art and design. Most visitors know this. As a museum of modern art you can push the boundaries of expectation.


Briefing: iconic design, intuitive use

Stedelijk director Beatrix Ruf had a briefing in which there was clearly a contradiction: I want a bold statement and make sure it’s inclusive, that it works for a wide audience of people who are online now. Also, this new online style has to connect to the Stedelijk identity.


Looks radical, works easy

‘Wow, this is intense. Oh, it works really well, I immediately find what I’m looking for.” This was the common denominator in the reactions when testing the website with people from all walks of life. We’re proud that we’ve managed to intertwine iconic design with intuitive ease of use.


Looks radical, typically Stedelijk

By radically picking typography over images, the website itself is an artistic statement. A statement breaking with the trend that museum websites are increasingly focused on images. But fitting very well to Stedelijk as a research driven institute and in line with their current branding.


Looks radical, works intuitive

We’ve closely studied the way in which we interact with our digital devices.Using chat apps, swiping and navigating by searching is the new normal. This new standard enabled us to make radical design feel natural.


“A bold move to design a homepage that breaks with all design conventions. Extra refreshing in a time where more and more sites are seemly based on the same wordpress template”

– Daniel Sytsma, creative director Achtung


Conversational search

The search bar is conversational: it makes suggestions which can be tailor made for specific groups of visitors.


The tech behind what you see

As a full service agency we’ve developed the entire website inhouse, including frontend and backend development. The new website goes beyond what you see: it is a super flexible content platform. Based on Laravel, links are made with collection archives, ticket and reservation systems. Search is based on the intelligent Elastic Search algorithm. The extensive editorial system allows trustees, curators, researchers and marketers to tell their story.