GLAMi nomination: Museum of the American Revolution Interactives

nominated by: Victoria Jones, Bluecadet, USA
institution: Museum of the American Revolution
category: Exhibition Media or Experience

For nearly a decade, Bluecadet has helped the Museum of the American Revolution reaffirm their mission to tell the complete story of the Nation’s founding.

Bluecadet’s partnership with the museum began long before there was a physical structure. We’ve grown together through dozens of projects, including an award-winning educational app, a website that gives the museum a new editorial platform, and fundraising materials to help build their new home near Independence National Mall, where we created four engaging digital experiences to highlight their incredible collection and educate visitors on the continued relevance of the American Revolution.

Our digital interactives free the museum’s fragile Revolutionary Era artifacts from their glass vitrines, empowering visitors to get close enough to discover the small details that tell big stories. Arms of Independence invites visitors to rotate, pinch, and zoom-in on annotated 3D representations of Revolutionary weapons created by our in-house production team using the latest in ultra-high definition photography.

Developed in close collaboration with curators and exhibition designers. Posters of Protest: 1765-1774  is an integrated touchscreen display that enables users to decipher the museum’s collection of historic handbills, cartoons, and broadsides that inspired colonists to become revolutionaries.

Bluecadet worked directly with historians to create Finding Freedom: African Americans in Wartime Virginia, a series of interactive animations telling the largely untold stories of free and enslaved African Americans during the war.

Season of Independence invites visitors to explore interactive data visualizations that map the growing support for rebellion leading up to the composition of the Declaration of Independence.

In addition to these experiences, Bluecadet created animated projects that add depth and ambiance to the visitor experience. The suite experiences produced during our ongoing partnership with the Museum of the American Revolution help reveal the full scope of the revolution and illuminate human stories that still resonate today.