GLAMi nomination: National WWII Museum

nominated by: Victoria Jones, Bluecadet, USA
institution: National WWII Museum
category: Exhibition and Collection Extension

The National WWII Museum asked Bluecadet to overhaul its entire digital visitor experience with intuitive interactive displays that invite users to learn about history from the men and women who lived it.

Bluecadet completely reimagined the National WWII Museum’s signature “Dog Tag” experience — an RFID-enabled museum-wide system that invites each visitor to follow the story of a single soldier throughout the entire war. The new design elevates personal stories to create more comprehensive narratives and a more seamless journey through the museum.

All together, this massive undertaking involved over 80 separate kiosk installations that were expanded and updated with new technologies and more intuitive touchscreen interfaces that align with a modern user’s expectations and experience.

To create a more deeply engaging visitor experience, Bluecadet’s design and production teams created more than 50 original oral-history films using rarely before seen footage collected from the museum’s vast archive. Distributed throughout the museum, and the new website built by Bluecadet, the intimate first-hand accounts of the war inspire powerful emotional connections that are an essential part of the museum’s mission to convey the cost of freedom through stories of heroism, tragedy, and responsibility.

Bluecadet also created three unique interactive experiences for the Arsenal of Democracy permanent exhibit, which tells the story of the Homefront and the road to war, including Nuclear Physics for Beginners, a Kinect-driven interactive tabletop projection that uses accessible chalkboard-style animations to educate visitors about the science of nuclear reactions.

By executing all stages of post-production in-house—including editing, original scripting, sound engineering, and archival research—Bluecadet was able to ensure that all original content could not only integrate seamlessly with the museum’s existing infrastructure, but also with its new website.