GLAMi nomination: ND Studies Agriculture Unit: Grade 4

nominated by: Jessica Rockeman, State Historical Socity of North Dakota, USA
institution: State Historical Society of North Dakota
category: Education Program

North Dakota Agriculture Unit for Grade 4

Agriculture is the newest online resource for students and lifelong learners. To help meet grade 4 state course requirements, the North Dakota Studies program at the State Historical Society of North Dakota offers six units and accompanying teacher resources to help teach the geography, history, government, citizenship, and agriculture of the state.

Key Features:
Fully customizable website experience for students and educators; users can change preferences at any time from the menu
Searchable by keyword, topic, and book
No additional apps required across any devices
No accounts or logins required
Zoomable images and maps
Easy to print!
Highlighted vocabulary words with drop-down definitions
Translate via your browser for other languages


ND Studies Agriculture Unit takes users through lessons and profiles, advancing to comprehensive and critical questions.

This online resource is more than a textbook format. As a fully customizable outline, educators can tailor lessons for their students. ND Studies Agriculture is the latest unit, now available online to all users, that has enabled us to go from an average of 24,000 served annually four years ago to 200,000 served annually online in 2017.

Teachers who are textbook savvy appreciate the color-coded layouts and close ties to the textbook format. Classrooms with Smartboard or other technology will be able to engage students in an interactive environment. The navigation menu makes it easy to jump directly to specific content within a book or between units. Full unit outlines, extending the experience, references, and educational content standards, are all available from the homepage.

North Dakota Agriculture is the product of hundreds of team project hours and the experience gained from transitioning textbooks to the online curriculum over the last four years. By offering our units from one website, we provide a better resource and user experience for a personalized device-learning environment. We are delighted to share it with the world. Thank you for your consideration.