GLAMi nomination: Scan the World

nominated by: Jonathan Beck, Scan the World, UK
institution: MyMiniFactory
category: Groundbreaking

Scan the World, launched in 2014, stands as the largest online platform for 3D printable objects of cultural significance. Every artefact uploaded to the library originates from 3D scan data, either provided by a global community of enthusiasts aiding in the documentation of heritage, or by an internal team working in an official capacity with institutions using high end scanning equipment. This data is processed and optimized for 3D printing before being uploaded to the platform where the models are made available to download for free, with licenses varying on the institution.

Fuelled by openness, professionalism and quality, the initiative has assisted various public institutions (V&A, SMK, Musée Saint-Raymond, Musée de Mougins etc) in providing a full end-to-end, free service for the consultation, digitization, archival and fabrication of their collections and artworks. Pushing for open cultural data, the initiative strikes conversation and urges museums to revise their digital strategies and open their collections to the world.

Scan the World serves as a non-profit public effort to bring art to the masses in a way more tangible than ever before, all in the wider context of a meaningful contribution to education, preservation, and accessibility.

(Scan collected from The SMK. Model released under a cc0 license)