GLAMi nomination: WW1 – an epic animated infographic

nominated by: Emily Loughnan, Click Suite & Curio Publisher, New Zealand
institution: Canterbury Musuem
category: Exhibition Media or Experience



The Challenge


Lives Lost, Lives Changed is an exciting new exhibition at Canterbury Museum, about Canterbury’s involvement in WW1.

Click Suite worked on a range of digital interactives for the exhibition, including this centerpiece entry experience. The exhibition needed some kind of introduction to the exhibition – a piece of multimedia that would do the job of giving visitors a broad overview of the entire war, New Zealand’s place in the war, some interesting facts, and finally hitting home the true impact of the war through the numbers involved.

It was a tricky brief – a video with lots of numbers in it, but it also had to engage visitors, draw them in, and set some context for the exhibition to follow.


The Solution

We decided that a straight out video on a wall, might not be the most engaging for visitors, especially because we needed to contain so much data, as well as a list of events that happened.


So, we proposed creating a surface in front of the wall, and adding layers of shapes that would help break the content up, and add visual intrigue.



The result was a huge custom-made wall of 3d boxes and silhouettes at different depths. This acted as our canvas, which we projection-mapped onto, to create a stunning animated infographic on an epic scale.



The resulting effect is of a complex multifaceted display, with a world map, detail maps, archival footage and images, animations and infographics. After absorbing a brief history of the war, you’re given a series of shocking facts and figures, ending with a somber and powerful reminder of the cost Canterbury paid in lives.  We also include unusual facts, that visitors will not be familiar with (eg: more than 10,000 horses were sent from New Zealand; only four returned) to create impact.


We also include unusual facts, that visitor will not be familiar with (eg: more than 10,000 horses were sent from New Zealand; only four returned) to create impact.


The whole sequence moves along the wall, subtly bringing the audience physically along the wall, with the story, and eventually on into the exhibition beyond. It has a moving score and sound effects that accompany it, and the whole experience combined makes it truly an entry experience to remember.