Blood, Dirt and Fog: Recreating the Temple of Mithras

Lightning Talk
Naomi Seixas, Local Projects, USA

Experiences with archaeology can be underwhelming: the evidence of the past can lack the context of human drama and experience. When we were given the opportunity to recreate one of London’s most prized archeological discoveries, the Temple of Mithras, we knew we had to go above and beyond to bring the ruin to life.

We’ll share the spectacular results of this painstaking five-year-long effort for the first time, including a dynamic showcase of artifacts, a ghostly theater where visitors encounter ancient characters that occupied the temple, and a loving reconstruction of the ruins that includes a futuristic theatrical technique that recreates the original walls using light and haze.


Please note that Naomi Seixas will be the sole speaker. Ben Millstein is communications manager at Local Projects and submitting this lightning talk on her behalf.