Developing a content strategy for the “aktuelle kunst in graz“ network

Anika Kronberger, aktuelle kunst in graz

In my presentation, I will explain what the “aktuelle kunst in graz” network is all about. I will also talk about the challenges we are facing and demonstrate how we are overcoming them by using content strategy and user-centred design.
Currently, we are merging the website and the mobile application into a responsive and more accessible website which will be fed by a pre-CMS tool. This CMS will serve as a hub and is not only the place where content is collected but also where it is passed on to print, online and on-site.
At our next event, we will host a test-run for context-based info points, positioned in front of our locations, where visitors and passers-by receive location-specific information.
This is an ongoing process of content strategic thinking, and we are in the process of finding the best solution for all stakeholders throughout the development phase, keeping both visitors and employees in mind.