Experiential Master Plans: Integrating digital experiences into the physical environment

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Brad Baer, Bluecadet, USA

Gone are the days of beginning an experience at a gate or front door. Thanks to technology and interconnectivity we now interact with spaces and places in several different ways before we even arrive and in a much different manner on-site. Irregardless of whether you view this is for the best, it’s clearly here to stay and it means that we should migrate from creating Master Plans towards creating Experiential Master Plans.

Following this session, attendees will:
1. Be able to clearly explain the concept of an experiential master plan that considers the pre, during, and post-visit experience.

2. Have a better idea of how websites, apps, touchscreens, and interactive environments can be integrated into the built environment to improve the overall experience for a diverse audience

3. Learn how to interface with digital agencies and evaluate when and how dynamic interfaces should be integrated into a space.


For an example presentation given to a crowd of 300+ people at the Museum Computer Network by Brad Baer, please visit: youtube.com/watch?v=M5LJba6THYo

Brad’s bio can be viewed at: bluecadet.com/about/people/brad-baer/