From Ivory Towers to Public Squares: perspectives on expanding digital culture from campus art museums

Professional Forum
Chad Weinard, Independent Consultant, USA, Koven Smith, Koven J. Smith Consulting, USA, Susan Edwards, The Hammer Museum, USA, Sonnet Coggins, Williams College Museum of Art, USA

Campus art museums offer a unique perspective on critical trends facing museums. Their position within larger educational institutions offers advantages: built-in community support, a focused educational mission and freedom to engage visitors and culture in new ways. As academic art museums address changing audiences, both on campus and in growing metropolitan areas, new models and new questions are emerging that impact the museum field broadly. Campus art museums are laboratory spaces for the museum sector, offering opportunities to pose new questions and experiment with novel approaches to changing audiences.

The session will share approaches and invite lively conversation around one animating question: how do museums adapt to new and changing audiences?

This professional forum will be lead by museum technology leaders that currently work within academic art museums, but also have deep experience and rich perspectives on the museum sector more broadly. Their roles are digital and audience focused.

The session will certainly appeal to practitioners at other campus museums, but the conversations will apply more broadly. We anticipate an open conversation, with attendees and participants alike coming away with new ideas, approaches, questions and models that have the potential to move the sector forward in important ways.