Habemus. Let´s hack the museums radio programme

Christian Diaz, Habemus, Argentina

Habemus proposes to participate in the Museums and the Web 2018 , with a live radio programme, emitted from the conference and transmitted on line; with interviews to the conference assistances, the humour section, and music live.
Understanding the change of paradigm, we developed the production, management and putting on air of the radio programme HABEMUS. Let’s hack the museums. This is a programme about museums constructed jointly with the listeners/visitors and through a mass media, the radio.
The main aim of the radio programme is to show, transmit, and generate new climates and connection with the public with regard to this new paradigm of museums. The sections incorporated are the agenda of local cultural activities; on air chat shows with professionals from museums or linked to the museums of the city, the country and the rest of the world, and the section of humour with Valerio Marinetti, our spatial correspondent from the world of museums.

Habemus. Let`s hack the museums radio programme is on aire since 2015.

It was invinted to the VI Encuentro sobre Redes Sociales en Museos y Centros de Arte” held in MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, in november 2016 (http://encuentromusac.cyberpractices.com/; https://youtu.be/ifH6D2343Ds)
Habemus radio programme with a live session closed the Re-Thinking museum conference, organized bye Educathyssen from the Thyssen- Bornemiza Museum, Madrid, Spain in 2016 (http://www.congreso.educathyssen.org/).
It was invited to take part of the Museum ID 2017 conference, that will be held in Museum of London, England from 3 to 5 odf October 2017 (http://www.museum-id.com/event-detail.asp?id=559)
Also, Habemus will participate in El Museo Reimaginado, in Medellin, Colombia, in november 2017.