#metoo: Building capacity for online collecting of extraordinary events (and everyday life)

Lightning Talk
Kajsa Hartig, Västernorrlands museum, Sweden

In October 2017 the Nordic Museum, Stockholm, Sweden, rapidly launched an online collecting initiative asking audiences to share their experiences of the viral #metoo campaign. The initiative reached an international audience and was retweeted by the actress Alyssa Milano. This lightning talk will give a short overview of the museum’s recent efforts to build capacity for online collecting, describing the steps that made collecting #metoo stories possible. Conclusions will be presented from an initiative that pushed the process of the museum’s online collecting further towards inviting the audience to co-creating heritage collections as well as building internal capacity for inclusive online conversations.

Roued-Cunliffe, Henriette & Copeland, Andrea (red.) (2017). Participatory heritage. London: Facet.
Living Archives – research project http://livingarchives.mah.se/