Object Digitization – From DIY to Masterwork, the road to success in 3D Scanning for Cultural Heritage

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Harry Abramson, Direct Dimensions, USA

 3D scanning technology is rapidly becoming faster, cheaper and better, which means that objects and artifacts in the museum, historic preservation, and cultural heritage can finally be digitized at the level they need or deserve without enormous unrealistic budgets.  But unless you know what you are doing, you can end up wasting time and money on the wrong technology, overly ambitious projects, or unnecessary investments in both personell and equipment.  This workshop will teach you how to do quality DIY 3D scanning work with little or no budget using photogrammetry (cameras), as well as provide the roadmap for success in choosing your objects, vendors, and technology when you are ready to invest. Furthermore you will be exposed to best practices for funding and repurposing your object digitization efforts. If you or your institution has a budding or even ongoing interest in object digitization and 3D scanning, this workshop is for you!

I have personally worked in 3D scanning for cultural heritage at Direct Dimensions for over 14 years. This presentation will be sharing a combination of my own personal experience working with museums and artists on major 3D scanning projects, and pulling together the best practices from our internal R&D team and technical staff.