Royal BC Museum Learning Portal: A Platform for Online Museum Learning

Liz Crocker, Royal BC Museum, Canada, Meg Sugrue, Royal BC Museum, Canada

This demonstration looks at the development and current status of the the Royal BC Museum’s Learning Portal. It is presented by Royal BC Museum staff Liz Crocker and Meg Sugrue from the museum’s learning and digital teams. The demonstration will highlight critical decisions and discussion points that were part of the original and ongoing development of the Learning Portal’s learning content, WordPress platform design and technical features.

Originally designed for learners of all ages, but with renewed focus on British Columbian K-12 students and their teachers, the Learning Portal is a place to learn about BC through the rich, unique lens of the Royal BC Museum and Archives. The demonstration will include how the content fits within constructivist learning theory.
Find out about the creation, expansion and maintenance of this website for online museum learning.

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