The Impact of Service Design on Strategy, Process, and the Visitor Experience

Professional Forum
Allegra Burnette, ABA | Allegra Burnette & Associates LLC, USA, Isabella Bruno, Smithsonian National Museum of American History, USA, Catherine Devine, Microsoft, USA

Museums are increasingly looking to customer experience (CX) practices such journey mapping to better understand how visitors interact with their institution, both in person and online. Ecosystem mapping and service blueprints help teams go beyond those front-of-house interactions to map the back-of-house processes, technologies, resources, and policies that impact the ultimate visitor experiences. These CX and service design practices enable institutions to break across traditional departmental silos to a more holistic, human-centered approach to planning and designing museum experiences for visitors and staff. 

This professional forum will open with a short presentation on the various processes around customer experience and service design and how they relate to each other, including some practical examples from both cultural institutions and for-profit businesses — highlighting those that have resulted in digital and physical outcomes. Both the presentation and subsequent discussion will focus on how service design impacts internal processes and the value of this approach to both the organization and visitors. The two session leaders will invite additional panelists to join the conversation to share how they are applying service design and best practices they have learned along the way, while also opening the floor to questions from the audience.

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