Using the MEAN Stack to implement an Easy Access Web Interface to provide a Mobile Application Framework for Museum Professionals

Tobias Baumgaertner, University of Passau, Germany

Published paper: Introducing socio-technical changes through “Mobile First” in the Museum Application Domain

The idea of supporting a certain group of people in the Museum Application Domain by offering information systems is well established. In the past all considerations regarding information delivery were centered solely on the customer endpoint. From early audio guides, through video screens, to interactive information panels— that point of view has never changed. The content and interfaces have been directed towards the patron in an on-premise setting.
The introduction of smart mobile devices has transformed societal perception permanently. The demand and the possibilities of offers today keep growing rapidly on a daily basis. The visitor is no longer limited to their role as a consumer, but becomes a co-creator of the museum experience. Therefore it is mandatory to engage museum professionals to adapt their strategies and implement those changes—especially members of small and medium sized institutions, who are often challenged by the speed of change and in dire need of support.
This paper focuses on encapsulating concepts purposed to reduce the stress of taking the first steps towards technological advances in the Museum Application Domain. Mediating the socio-technical changes is pivotal, as well as to impart them to all members of an institution.
Hence this paper is directed towards directors and leaders of small and medium-sized museums. It discusses the implications of a Mobile First approach as an entry point for adapting an overall digital strategy.