Alley Interactive
Alley Interactive is a digital agency that partners with museums and galleries of all sizes. We provide industry-leading software development, user experience, visual design and strategy for the digital museum field, from catalogs to events to publications.
Axiell is the leading provider of collections management software solutions world wide. Our market leading position makes us a secure, sustainable and stable partner for your institution.

Adopting an Axiell solution is an investment in your institution’s future. With more than 3400 Archives, Libraries and Museums using Axiell products, we have the experience, expertise and resources to provide the very best collections management solutions for today and and continued development for tomorrow.
CrowdRiff is an AI-powered visual marketing platform that enables marketers to discover and deliver top-performing visuals across every channel. The only platform purpose-built for destinations, CrowdRiff is loved by 300 DMOs including Visit Colorado, Visit Pittsburgh and Visit Stockton.
Direct Dimensions, Inc.
We provide 3D scanning, 3D printing, and 3D modeling, and 3D fabrication services and products to museums, researchers, fabricators, artists, and all others that need 3D content for exhibits, websites, movies, or elsewhere.

We have performed 1000's of projects for 100's of customers for nearly 20 years with the widest range of 3D equipment, capabilities, and experience.

Contact Direct Dimensions for all your 3D needs. We can definitely help you.
The LEGEND device is a product of FanVision Entertainment. It is a purpose-built device for the public rental market, built from the ground up for maximum reliability, ruggedness, and re-use. The device’s open Android operating system, shockproof design, and specialized radio receivers allow it to act as an audio guide, multimedia guide, and/or tour-guide communication system in all variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Thanks to its removable battery and gang charging system, institutions can optimize device usage and turnover. The LEGEND device management system enables over-the-air content updates and data collection.
Forum One
Forum One is a full-service agency that works with some of the most iconic cultural institutions to create stunning designs and digital properties. In 2016, Forum One partnered with the Smithsonian Institution to welcome online visitors to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), which opened on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Currently, we're working with the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Seattle Center, home of the famous Museum of Pop Culture, to reimagine their websites.

We work with multiple groups of stakeholders to lead the design, user experience, and development of beautiful, responsive websites
Gallery Systems
Gallery Systems supports a museum-wide ecosystems using a single database that simplifies museum-wide collections workflows.
Google Cultural Institute
The Google Cultural Institute (g.co/ci/about) is a non-profit Google initiative that supports over 1,000 cultural institutions from 70 countries and builds technologies (described here) to help them preserve and promote their collections online. At the booth, we will be showing some of the latest developments of the Google Cultural Institute: some of the latest projects on the website on laptops, the Google Arts and Culture app on phones and/or tablets and possibly a small Expeditions kit.
Guru creates a bridge between cultural institutions and a 21st-century audience. We work with our partners to tell their unique stories and provide digital strategies to enhance the visitor experience as well as increase revenue.

A Guru-powered app, customized for your needs, turns the ever-present smartphone into a personal concierge, expert tour guide, map and interactive platform for connecting with your visitors.
Ideum is a creative company focused on using emerging technologies to design public installations and products that lead to meaningful and compelling user experiences. Ideum’s multidisciplinary team includes industry pro­fes­sion­als from a diverse set of back­grounds within the world of inter­active exhibit develo­pment. We develop interactive, visitor-centered exhibits utilizing new and emerging technologies for museums throughout North America and around the world. Our firm provides design services, custom software development, and audio-visual solutions. We design and develop ruggedized turnkey products for public spaces, and our multitouch tables and touch walls have been sold in more than 40 countries.
Lucidea Argus is a comprehensive, highly configurable collections management system that accommodates diverse curatorial and visitor engagement requirements—for museums of all sizes and budgets. With this integrated platform, offer a Web portal and mobile capabilities for expanded access and an enriched visitor experience. Argus: Collections Management for forward-thinking museums.
NetX Digital Asset Management
NetX is a leading Digital Asset Management platform deployed at many museums and cultural heritage institutions. With a clean modern design, scalable components, and a history of innovation, look to NetX to provide solutions for your departmental or enterprise Digital Asset Management needs. 2018 brings many new features to our platform, and we look forward to sharing them with you at MW.
NOUS Knowledge Management develops and distributes multimedia exhibition guides for arts and cultural institutions. With customized concepts, websites and apps, as well as technological innovations such as state of the art augmented reality, NOUS creates an advanced museum experience for your visitor. NOUS uses the Fraunhofer ISS's wireless LAN positioning awiloc® as one of the multimediaguides' main features.
Ortelia Interactive
Ortelia Interactive has been working with, and developing applications for the GLAM sector for more than a decade. We develop client-focused content creation applications using our proprietary development platform Cultural Heritage Engine (C.H.E.). Our interactive applications are designed for increasing patron accessibility and engagement. Our products can dynamically access the majority of CMS and display interactive content both locally or via the web. We focus on client autonomy, providing tools for users to publish their own content. Ortelia Curator, our flagship exhibition design software has been created for exhibition curators and designers. We specialise in bringing back-of-house collections to light.
Piction is a leading provider of Digital Asset Management and Content Distribution systems to the museum sector. Our platform is tailored specifically to address museum requirements including: collection management systems integration, automated workflows such as object photography & event photography request and image/asset clearance, integration with web content management systems, management of traditional media types and emerging types, e-business for cost recovery based initiatives. Our clients include Cleveland Museum of Art (used in Gallery One project), Balboa Park Online Collaborative, Toronto International Film Festival, The Dallas Museum of Art and The National Museum of Australia.
The open access solution for archives and special collections. Quartex caters for the needs of libraries and archives in delivering a platform that is easy to implement and intuitive to use. It supports diverse user needs and workflows, and provides a robust and scalable platform solution. Quartex builds on the considerable experience of the Adam Matthew Digital team in the creation of large, complex, metadata-rich collections. Incorporating cutting-edge software, including exclusive Handwritten Text Recognition search functionality.
Learn more at http://www.quartexcollections.com
Re:discovery Software
At Re:discovery Software we design collections management software to blend into your workflow and make managing and accessing your collection simple and productive.

We have a notable and diverse clientele including art, history, & science museums, corporate & private collections, archives, universities, research libraries, non-profits, archaeological sites, government agencies, and more.

We are more than just a Collection Management Software company. We are a team of museum and archives professionals and top-notch software engineers. Your system will be supported and upgraded, advancing with technology as it evolves.
TixTrack is focused on creating software to improve the ticketing experience for museum, attraction, and venue clients as well as their consumers. Ticketure is a modern, mobile first, cloud deployed, general admission and timed entry ticketing platform designed specifically for the needs of museums and attractions. Ticketure's simple back end design makes it easy to set up sessions, create discounts, and manage admissions. The iOS POS and mobile POS makes selling, scanning, and admitting at the door a seamless experience. The API design allows for simple integration with third party software for CRM and donation management.