GLAMi nomination: NASA: Data Lens

nominated by: Victoria Jones, Bluecadet, USA
institution: NASA Goddard Visitor Center
category: Exhibition Media or Experience

NASA employs thousands of scientists, engineers and technologists focused on advancing humanity’s understanding of the Earth as an environmental system.

NASA’s Goddard Visitor Center interprets and presents this scientific data to the general public. Bluecadet was called on to create Data Lens, a unique interactive tool, allowing multiple visitors to explore, compare and juxtapose rich data visualizations.

Data Lens also invites visitors to explore the interconnections between Earth’s air, water and life systems, while conveying the magnitude and complexity of NASA’s work toward understanding our planet.

Visitors can follow dust particles as they travel from the Sahara to the Amazon, observe waves of phytoplankton blooms, or watch the change of seasons from the vantage of space. Guests can combine lenses to reveal new stories and insights, evidencing the power and beauty found when layering these powerful data sets.

The experience takes what might otherwise be daunting scientific data and renders them as compelling and playful. By exploring and engaging with these visualizations visitors not only discover the interplay among our planet’s systems – they experience a sense of awe and a better understanding of the way our world works.