#FutureSlam: Navigating the Rocky Road of Digital Thinking

Lightning Talk
Kelly Skelton, Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand

We are in the midst of some huge shifts in technology – AR/VR, Machine Learning, Blockchain, the Internet of things – but what does it all mean for Museums and our visitors? How do we understand and critique technology, without jumping to dystopic/utopic visions?

These are the questions we attempted to answer in the #FutureSlam, a series of internal events held at Auckland Museum. We didn’t get (nor expect) clear cut answers. This talk will look at how we asked the questions, structured the events, and digested the future – one slice of rocky road at a time.

The Digital Ideas Brewery, the initial variation of #FutureSlam, was inspired by the REMIX conferences where they have a stream called the Ideas Brewery. You could 'follow the speaker' after their main address to a more informal place for a chat.