How to Build a Workflow and Facilitate Cross-Departmental Collaboration

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Ana Fox-Hodess, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA, Quentin Bosman, Asana, USA

Have you just opened a new museum or undergone major institutional change? Are you spending too much time tracking Byzantine routing processes or struggling to lock down approvals after dozens of rounds of review? Does each new project feel like you’re reinventing the wheel? We know how you feel! Drawing on lessons learned after the reopening of SFMOMA in 2016, this workshop will outline how a cross-departmental team used Asana (a web based collaboration tool) to pilot and implement an improved content production workflow, and demonstrate how projects in Asana can be set up, templatized, and integrated with other platforms (i.e. request forms or Gantt-chart visualizations) to serve the needs of stakeholders across an organization.

This workshop will discuss (1) the development and rollout of the pilot workflow at SFMOMA; (2) how to create and utilize comprehensive templates in Asana to streamline project planning and stakeholder communication; (3) how to cultivate institutional buy-in for new collaborative systems; and (4) best practices for adopting project management software and facilitating cross-departmental collaboration.