Spencer Museum of Art App, version 2.0

App Crit
Ryan Waggoner, Spencer Museum of Art, USA, Jennifer Talbott, Spencer Museum of Art, USA

Launched in 2015 as a prototype in iOS and officially launched in fall 2016 in iOS and Android, the Spencer Museum of Art App aims to provide an enhanced in-gallery experience for visitors by offering rich interpretive and multimedia content, exhibition-specific and thematic tours, and maps of galleries and cases. In 2017  MW panelists critiqued the Spencer App at the annual conference in Cleveland, and the feedback received from that session set the course for the next phase of app development. We rethought the Tours section of the app, primarily responding to feedback that the word “Tour” was misleading.  The redesigned Tours section now features interpretive content available exclusively through thematic tours. Other improvements include a newly designed homepage; reorganization of object pages, resulting in a cleaner, accessible interface; and a “What’s New” section. These developments, plus several other new features, were launched to the public in December 2017. Participation in the 2018 app crit room will allow us the chance to share how we implemented changes based on the feedback we received during the 2017 crit room. Further feedback on our recent developments from MW panelists will also allow us to continue refining our application to best serve our audiences.