Start your digitized online 3D object collection with little or no budget

Lightning Talk
Harry Abramson, Direct Dimensions, USA

As computers and cameras become more powerful, and 3D scanning technology becomes more robust, the online 3D object collection is evolving from concept into an achievable reality as full color 3D documentation of sculpture, monuments, artifacts, fossils and spaces rapidly becoming faster, cheaper, and BETTER! This talk will outline low and no cost DIY approaches to creating and sharing compelling interactive 3d visualizations for online and augmented reality/virtual reality.  Attendees will be exposed to the free online and open source resources that can start the process of getting their object collection online with no out-of-pocket costs.   In addition, they will learn the optimal object characteristics that ensure success with the process, as well as what to avoid that is guaranteed to fail. Low cost options and alternatives will also be presented that may improve overall data quality and expand the capabilities and applications for the 3D data

As the director of Direct Dimensions Cultural Heritage Scanning Practice, I have 14 years experience and a team of 20+ technical experts that work with these tools and challenges everyday.