Sustainable Multi-Format Digital Publishing with Quire

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Greg Albers, The J. Paul Getty Trust, USA

In this workshop, participants will get hands on with Quire, a new open-source digital publishing framework from the Getty, aimed at scholarly and visual publishing needs, and built for publication discoverability and longevity. Quire is built on a static-site generator which allows you to publish in multiple formats (online, pdf, e-book and print), decrease dependencies and long-term maintenance issues, and keep source content in a human-readable format; all while still offering features like interactive maps, deep zoom images, linked citations, audio and video figures, and more. Participants will learn Quire basics including: getting up and running with basic command line tools; converting and editing content in Markdown and YAML (the two plain-text workhorses of the static-site world); the use of shortcodes to add rich content and interactivity; simple theme and style customizations; and publication hosting and distribution options.