The “Many Headed Hydra”: How SFMOMA, Art Institute of Chicago and the Detroit Art Institute tackled innovative digital wayfinding.

Jennifer Snyder, SFMOMA, USA, Megan DiRienzo, Detroit Institute of Arts, USA

Digital wayfinding is a hot topic across the museum world. But, how are museums actually tackling such a broad topic? This panel brings together three museums who have navigated this “digital hydra” in three very different, but interesting and unique ways. We will take a deep dive into the successes [and failures] which developed from tackling museum wayfinding. From UX, design and content to coding, algorithms and implementation we will discuss the pros and cons of how each museum developed its own answer. SFMOMA partnered with local startup Detour to create a new breed of museum app experience, one that combines immersive audio storytelling with WIFI-enabled indoor positioning technology. The Art Institute of Chicago chose a hybrid digital and Lo Fi approach. JourneyMaker is an innovative museum interactive which allows visitors to choose a journey, digitally and print a personalized map/activity experience to explore the museum and its art. The Detroit Museum of Art developed Lumin, which uses Google’s Tango technology to integrate 3D mapping and AR technology for a completely immersive wayfinding museum experience. Through these different solutions, our panel will explore the cutting edge digital wayfinding landscape that can be experienced in museums today.