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Full Registration

Includes access to all sessions, 1 ticket to each reception and a copy of the proceedings, but no workshops, tours or special events.

Just in Time Registration (payment before April 1, 2018): $800

Student Registration (payment before April 1, 2018): $400

Day Registration

No Reception tickets or Discounts

Day Registration Thursday: $400

Day Registration Friday: $400

Day Registration Saturday: $400

Event Tickets

Welcome Reception: $50

Exhibitors' Reception: $60

Conference Reception: $75


Tour: Museums of False Creek - Presented by the BC Museums Association: $100

Tour: Vancouver Specials: Experiential Evolutions – Vancouver Downtown/Mural Festival Guided Tour & Cocktail hosted by NGX Interactive: $50

Tour: Living Landscapes: UBC's Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Museum of Anthropology Tour: $75

Tour: The Polygon Gallery: $50


AM: Creating catchy content formats: beyond the online collection: $175

AM: Sustainable Multi-Format Digital Publishing with Quire: $175

AM: Experiential Master Plans: Integrating digital experiences into the physical environment: $175

AM: Community Engagement through User Experience: $175

AM: Oops!.. I Did It Again. How documentation and journaling can save you and your team from making the same mistakes.: $175

AM: Getting It All Done - Digital Project Planning for Museums: $175

AM: No Cheat Codes Needed: We Built a Digital Game for a Museum and You Can, Too!: $175

PM: Gaming in museums: How to level up your museum’s public engagement: $175

PM: Sketching in Spaces: Low-Tech Prototyping for High-Tech Projects: $175

PM: Sustaining the Heartbeat of Your Museum’s Content Strategy: $175

PM: Diversify Your Crowdsourcing Portfolio with Open-Source Software: $175

PM: Produce Stronger Video: Writing Films for Museums: $175

PM: How to Build a Workflow and Facilitate Cross-Departmental Collaboration: $175

PM: Interview techniques and production for storytelling through audio: $175

PM: Object Digitization - From DIY to Masterwork, the road to success in 3D Scanning for Cultural Heritage: $175


Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2018 (pre-order): $50

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2017: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2016 and MWA2015: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2015, MWA2014 and MWF2014: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2014 and MWA2013: $25

Museums and the Web 2013: Selected Papers and Proceedings: $25

Museums and the Web 2012: Selected Papers and Proceedings: $25